How to Vote on Bonds

Bond Voting

Bond voting allows users to earn extra rewards. After locking veGYRO and purchasing a bond, users can now vote on which bond should receive the most rewards.

All bond rewards comes from the bond rewards pool. Voting on a bond will dictate how many shares that bond will receive in rewards.

For example:

If there is 100 GYROs in the bond rewards pool to be distributed next epoch and there are three bonds, USDT, GYRO/USDT and GYRO/BUSD, and voting distribution is 70%, 20% and 10% respectively, then the rewards will be 70, 20, 10 GYROs respectively.

The 10% fee generated from bond sales that had gone to the DAO fund has now been redirected to bond voting rewards. Users can now earn GYROs from bond sales based on their share pro-rata.


From the drop-down list, choose the Token ID of the locked veGYRO that you want to vote with.

Input your vote in ratios for each bond.

For example:

If you want to vote USDT pool 70%, GYRO/USDT 20%, and GYRO/BUSD 10%, then input: 7, 2, 1 respectively. The smart contract will autocalculate the correct percentage.


If you just want to vote 100% on USDT, then you can input 1,0,0 respectively.

Click 'Cast Votes' after you've made your decision.

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