How to Stake Bonds

Bond Staking

Bond staking allows bonders to earn extra rewards. Users who have previously bonded are eligible to earn bond staking rewards. The amount users can bond-stake is based on the the value of bonds previously purchased. For example, if a user have purchased $5000 USDT worth of bonds, they are eligible to stake up to $5000 USDT worth.

Bond Staking

  1. Amount staked

  2. Max amount available to stake (based on amount of bonds already purchased)

  3. Choose from the list which bond you have already purchased and click 'Stake'

From the 'Please select your veGYRO' drop-down list, select the Token ID you want to stake then click 'Stake veGYRO'

Users have to lock veGYRO prior to staking in bonds

Rewards are distributed every 24 hours = 1 epoch

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